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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. >> i come to you as a father who speaks in favor of this project. this park from the perspective of a father of 3 is truly a god sent i do not get out here enough and speak enough about the project i like and in opposition to the ones i don't but i'm almost always in favor of these projects for the families to have an easier time in san francisco and to stay in san francisco so i want to say this project is a god sent and i don't get a chance to thank all these people all the time to put in a word from the north beach neighbors and russian hill neighbors all the people we're hearing from today who have been in support of this project that make lives like mine so much easier in san
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francisco so i'm in support of the project and i hope this commission stays in support of it and it's something that we can all look forward to. the scope and site is amazing and although we on the north side would love to claim it as a park if the north side but truly the way it looks would be a park for the entire city so go to it. >> thank you very much for being here today. lynn jefferson good afternoon. >> my name is lynn jefferson and i currently serve on the francisco reservoir working group and i have been for 2 and a half years it's been truly what i would call a very collaborative effort i serve also as president of the board of directors for cal high
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community center located on north beach on lombard street every day we serve 6 to 7 hundred people including babies toddlers children, seniors and families coming from chinatown the immediate neighborhood and they would be very served by a park at the reservoir site and i'm working on a project with the director of after school programs to get the kids involved in a civic project so they can learn about what does it take for us to create a park at the site of of the francisco reservoir. there would be thousands of children served. there would be thousands of families and
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seniors and it would just be a wonderful addition and it would be considered a city park because some of some of the people we serve come from beyond the neighborhood. francisco middle school for example is a new immigrant school and a lot of kids come by bus from treasure island so i want to say in closing because we've all been here for a long time but it would benefit all members from from the diverse community that we live in and beyond so i'd ask all of you to consider all of us to go forward with this program thank you very much for your time. >> thank you very much for being here today i'll call robert and the next speaker is curt and george and helen.
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>> good afternoon. >> members of the commission francisco reservoir site i think the parks department is right it would make a an supurb park it will be a beautiful tranquil green oasis i think it's san francisco's missed opportunity in the foreseeable future for a major new park. the northeastern part of the city is heavily populated. it suffers from the shortage of neighborhood parks
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and playgrounds so a park on the site is needed. people in the vicinity have is shown their commitment, this intensity by raising the money needed to create and operate the park. i think future residents of this city will look back and commend with gratitude the great and wise foresight of those who helped create the park. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for being here today. >> hello. >> hello. >> good afternoon commissioners and general manager. i live across town in the hillside above noe valley. i'm the
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president of the norwegian church. we're also impacted like helen mentioned by people needing a restroom we have never complained and we take care of the restrooms and they are clean and welcome to all. since we're open we get heavily impacted whenever there's a major event happening on the northern waterfront such as fleet week and last week when we had the america's cup and not to mention 4th of july our balcony is open and we have to close the door usually at 7 o'clock on the 4th of july and there's kids with tears in their
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eye wishing they could come up to the balcony. if they had a place where they could perhaps have a picnic in the afternoon and sit and watch the fire works in the evening, it would be a true blessing and your consideration for making this possible is appreciated thank you. >> thank you very much for being here today. george tartikos? >> good afternoon. >> i'll be very brief because i think i'm the last speaker. i live on chest nut street 1080 chest nut street for over 10 years it's a wonderful area and this is an open space that i'd like to see remain a site for the benefit not only of the neighborhood but for all the tourists that come and i've
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been working for a number of years now to make the park and maintain the park in a in a way we'd be proud of and as you know the intersection down there on lombard and hyde is very very busy and a lot of people especially tourists like to take pictures and they are walking through the street and sometimes you can even see them playing on the street and taking in the sites at different angles and the light which creates a difficult situation for those that have to drive by it and the cable car and a lot of people walk by so if there was a park it would make possible for all the residents and tourists to just walk down to chest nut and hyde walk to the park rest a little bit and enjoy the views and
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take as many pictures as they wish because it would be so easy and the community has is shown mr. gerard mentioned is shown the interest and support for pledging the money for not only the building of the park but maintenance of the park and any additional things they need in the future to make it the best park in this particular region thank you very much. >> thank you very much for being here today. >> >> selena, aw. >> i think this park would benefit multiple communities not only russian hill but the chinatown communities and i know
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from i know the park would be very critical and would be an appeal to many families to have one in the city and in addition to that as a mom of two kids we're also very excited and very much welcome this park in this neighborhood. it will put the statement -- if friends come to visit from all around the world as well as our daily life. >> thank you. i have one last speaker card. if anyone cares to speak please submit a card. >> good afternoon. >> i'm a student here at san francisco state university and i'm a big supporter of parks and public spaces especially in this city and i believe the
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south side, the area where the area is we have lombard street and 2 major tourist attractions and i think it's a really beautiful and scene ic place and the benefits of the park will not be felt among the community but also the local economy we can give them to marvel at and if you have ever been there and if you can see the golden gate from there it's truly a marvel o u.s. site and it will help the city of san francisco itself thank you. >> thank you very much for being here today. is there any further public comment on items to be discussed in closed
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session? from commissioner torres. >> i come from los angeles and i regret every day -- i'm a giant's 's fan now though. i come from los angeles and the plan ers of los angeles really didn't take into account neighborhood space and green space so when i moved up here in 1996 i looked in this neighborhood and almost bought a home in the area because it was so beautiful and the fact that this community wants to establish a park there i think would be a marvel o u.s. idea it would bring so many cultures together and i go to my favorite restaurant there where mayor frank jordan and his wife recommended in 1996 so i often see people lying on their backs on lombard wondering if they
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will survive but i want to thank the people who testified today i support your efforts as a former angelino. >> if there's no further public comment i'll entertain a motion whether or not to assert the attorney client privilege it's been moved and seconded. >> is there any conversation. >> hearing none please signify
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